A Unique system
Live follow up for each category,
continuous control of retailers' stock,
And effective coverage of all consumer requests.


Live map of retailer's requests


live broadcast throughout the day for any movement or stop For both car, driver and sales officer.


The transport unit is alawys on alert to follow up any new request , and incroprate it in moving route.

getting ready

Transport Unit alawys loaded with the requierd products


With an optimized routing for the map of retailers' requests, There is no need to waste a lot of time and money on roundtrips or extra deliveries.


Processes of orders and registration of sales and purchases, It is done automatically with minimum human effort.


Direct evaluation of retailers for the Salesperson to repsond to varaible demand and doing effecint delivery


Now full support for the retailer Through three kinds of POS Choose between them according to his wishes and use them with ease Without the need to enter data or follow up on stock shortage

  • Unique, easy and flexible selling points of various types
  • Linked directly to the supply system
  • provides a lot of incentives
  • It can receive orders from the final consumer


With a unique and innovative idea, the problem of delivering orders from the retailer to the final consumer has been solved A problem that has long had a negative impact on sales and online shopping for fast moving consumer goods


Now the consumer can easily shop online for the goods he needs on a regular basis Ask it from the nearest retailer where the products are available, And arrive in the shortest possible time, With motivational means,And special offers.

Features Of Werpx

Technical Support

Continuous Technical Support Through Email

Technical Follow Up

Continuous Monitoring Of Servers Around The Clock

Continuous Protection

Full Protection And Security Of Customer Data And Files


Daily And Weekly Backups For All Our Customers

Support Devices

Compatible For Computers And Smart Phones

Language Support

Full Support For Arabic And Promised Other Languages

Currency Support

You Can Use Your Local Currency Or Any Currency

Support Barcode

Full Barcode Support In Terms Of Reading And Printing

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